Loyalty Starts From The Start

Clever title, don’t you think?

But it’s true, employee and customer loyalty starts from the first day. The first day on the job, the new employee needs to get acclimated quickly to the routines and minutiae of the company. A stressful challenge when there are new processes, technologies, people, and rules to account for in the job transition.

Companies need to understand how important it is to make sure new employees are adequately prepared and prepped for their career. That means making sure new employees have the right equipment to perform their jobs. If a company can’t provide a computer, for example, it needs to be established that the employee bring their own device – before the first day!

It is up to the company to make sure an employee’s first day goes smoothly. New employees need to be brought up to speed on how the company works internally, so the employee becomes comfortable with his or her position right away.

A good first day starts the relationship between an employee and the company on the right foot.


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