You’ve probably been told since your childhood, “follow your passion.” As part of a working society, we are supposed to find a career that we are really passionate about, or risk spending 40 hours a week being unhappy in a job. A daunting prospect to say the least. But what if that wasn’t necessarily the case?

What if finding your passion was not the key to true happiness in a career? That’s what this article from Brazen Careerist is saying: 5 Things You Absolutely Must Know About Finding a Career You Love | Brazen Life.

Agree or disagree with the article, there’s one line that’s especially important to take into consideration: You have to take action.

Love that! Instead of just thinking about what you like, or even trying to decide how you’re going to best follow your passion, taking action will lead you to your passion. Dive into a class, an activity, a new job. It will give you the confidence to learn and develop what you like/dislike about certain career paths. Finding a passion is more about discovering what you like in what you’re doing; not forcing yourself to follow the narrow career path you established for yourself in high school.

Take risks. Do new things. You’re bound to learn to love something during your search. Build and craft a passion from the actions you take.

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