Talent Search

“Talent won’t fall into your lap.” – Overheard at a talent development conference.

There are tens of thousands of new graduates that enter the workforce each year. Companies are answering the influx of candidates by posting their job opportunities on their career page. The problem – these postings are forgotten about and left to die in the vast space of the interwebs.

The ‘post and pray’ technique that companies use to recruit job seekers does not work. So stop using it! Talented job seekers do not respond to job postings that have little information on the position or company, or have convoluted language that doesn’t make any sense about the job.

There are many talented candidates in the job search right now, and competition is fierce to attract the right employee. If companies want to get their skin in the game, they need to proactively recruit job seekers. The easiest way to do so is to leverage culture as a recruiting advantage. Job seekers who KNOW about the companies that recruit them, are more likely to choose a company with a culture that fits their work and life style. Job seekers who find a culture fit early in the game will reduce company turnover.

Companies, get involved. Your culture is your best weapon in the recruiting game.

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