Stress Free Vacation Time

Unlimited vacation.

Sounds nice, right? Many companies – in a turn to be more appealing to employees’ schedules – are turning to perks like unlimited vacation to keep employees from looking at the ‘greener grass’ of competition. So, what does this mean for employees? Does the term unlimited vacation really mean just that?

This Dilbert comic would have you think otherwise.


The joke’s on the employees – “Take as many days as you want off! But we’re keeping track of those days and most definitely judging you!”

When companies start offering benefits like unlimited vacation, work-from-home options, or career training classes, they need to realize that these benefits are for the employees. Employees are a company’s biggest asset, no matter the business field. Employees deserve transparency from a company. It is a matter of respect. No one is tied to a company; anyone of any position can leave for a different company. One that doesn’t judge.

We love when we see companies that deliver on their promises. When unlimited vacation means unlimited vacation.

That’s why we created The Good Jobs. To highlight all the companies that make an amazing culture their business.

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