Monthly Archives: November 2013

Attractive Job Postings

Your job postings are sexy. What makes job postings attractive to job seekers? Job seekers spend just a few minutes scanning over a job posting before they decide whether they should apply, or continue looking. A company’s job postings are like a first date. The first impression counts. The job posting’s job is simple: attract […]

We Heart Radio

Our local radio station was hosting a fundraising drive the other week. Milwaukee’s very own 88.9, Radio Milwaukee, is a public station that always has the listeners in mind. So when they asked their listeners to step up and donate, we couldn’t resist! We love the station – so we hopped on board the volunteer […]


We’re all aware of the phrase, TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Friday!) The weekend has arrived, the weeks worth of week is behind you, and you’re so excited to go home and spend two days not thinking about work. Right? Wrong. Why do we say this phrase? Is it because we don’t like working all week, […]

Do Great Work – Love What You Do

Catching up on our daily readings of all things culture, companies, and candidate engagement we came across an article that offers tips on how to live a less stressful life. While all of them made sense and rang true, we especially appreciated the fourth tip. 4. Take a cue from the millenials and expect to […]

Every Day Is Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day rolls around once a year, every November 11. But instead of only taking the time to remember the men and women who risk their lives and livelihood only one day a year – we’d like to extend our thanks and gratitude to every day. And Starbucks is thanking veterans in very special ways. Starbucks […]

Culture Is…..?

What does your company culture look like on paper?