Attractive Job Postings


Your job postings are sexy.

What makes job postings attractive to job seekers? Job seekers spend just a few minutes scanning over a job posting before they decide whether they should apply, or continue looking. A company’s job postings are like a first date. The first impression counts. The job posting’s job is simple: attract the talented job seekers enough to apply.

So what’s an important part of a company that defines its working environment, one that employees see every day? It’s culture. Culture is the nuts and bolts of a company. It defines how the employees work together; it defines how work gets done; it defines why it gets done.

What’s in it for the job seeker?

Job postings need to entice job seekers to apply. Why would an A player want to work for a C Company? If a posting is dry, lifeless, and boring, why would a talented job seeker decide to take the risk and apply for a company that could reflect its postings? Talented job seekers have options. They’re discerned seekers, and they want what they deserve. Job postings should reflect the good qualities of a company, along with its cultural voice. A great company culture needs employees who find they ‘fit’ well into the company. A great way to find job seekers at the top of the recruitment funnel is to attract the ones that match your culture through job postings. A hunter wouldn’t be attracted to an anti-gun rally. A vegetarian wouldn’t be attracted to a butcher shop.

Have a great perk that other companies don’t have? Share it!

An attractive job posting has a variety of benefits, for both the candidate and company. Culture matters. It keeps the engine running smoothly. Google, Zappos, HubSpot, they can all attest to the power of a positive culture. Employees that find a company that aligns with their work and life style work happier, more productive, and better. Happy employees stay. No one likes a high turnover, so if the right employee is found right away, it saves the company time and money for finding someone else. And it saves the employee for having to jump back into the job pool.

So where should a company start when it wants to make its job postings sexier?

1. Remove all the requirements, necessities, and skills that bog down a posting. Looking for an experienced web developer? It is probably not necessary to list every development skill on your posting. Resumes do a good job of showing which candidates have the proper training and knowledge, and which do not. If a job posting requires a candidate to endlessly scroll through the mundane requirements of the job, the candidate might get bored and move on.

2. Don’t make it hard on the candidates to apply. Do your postings and applications require the candidate to spend more than a half hour to finish? It’s too long. No job candidate wants to spend an hour on an application. Plain and simple.

3. Place the company’s voice in the posting. A great way to reveal a company’s culture is to show it in the job posting’s voice.

4. Compensation is nice, but unique perks and benefits are better. Every employee receives a salary, but not every employee receives unlimited vacation. Do you offer that? Then entice job seekers to apply with a tease to your unlimited days under the sun.

5. Have fun with your postings! Stay conversational with the voice. Start the fantastic candidate experience right from the start – the job postings.

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