What Questions Should A Candidate Ask In An Interview?

You sit in an interview and answer every question the interviewer asks you with thought and precision. Now the last question has been answered, and the interviewer turns the table to you and asks if you have any questions. Now’s your chance! Now’s the time to dive into what it’s really like to work there. So what do you ask? You want to know what the culture is like; whether you’ll fit into the company. Have no fear, The Good Jobs is here.


We put our heads together and created these questions just for you. Based on the badges you feel you most align with, are questions to help determine whether your potential office happiness comes from accepting – or passing – the job.


Why do you like working here?

What was the most recent community building activity the company sponsored?

How do employees have fun and release steam?

What is the ideal communication style of the team?

Are employees social outside of the workplace?

How long have you been at the company, and what makes you stay?

What is your favorite memory of working at this company?

What fun perks does the company do for its employees?

Does the company celebrate any fun holidays?

How do you describe this company’s culture to those outside of the company?


Are you most interested in a candidate who works independently, on a team, cross-functionally, or through a combination of them all?

What does a typical work day or week look like for employees?

Do most employees work a traditional schedule, or more flexible schedule?

What is the company’s policy on flextime?

Are there any opportunities to work outside of the office?

Is everyone expected to be in the office from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday?

What is the company’s policy on overtime and working on weekends?

Extreme Perks

What do you think, both to consumers and to employees, sets this company apart from the competition?

Outside of pay, what benefits does the company offer its employees?

What type of perks do employees receive at your company?

What benefits do you most appreciate from the company?

What do you think is the most unique perk that the company offers its employees?

Are all company health care programs treated equally?

What do you look forward to the most when you come to work every day?

What is the company’s policy on PTO?

Why did you choose to apply and work here?

What non-traditional benefits does the company offer its employees?

Corporate Responsibility

How do you see this company contributing to society outside of its direct customers/clients?

Can you expand on the company’s mission and values statement?

What charities does the company support on a national and local level?

What are some of the goals for the company in the short and long term?

How often do employees volunteer during the work year?

Are there any incentives for employees to volunteer their time or money to certain charities the company supports?

Does the company a volunteering policy?

Does the company sponsor any food/clothing/supplies drives throughout the year?

How often does the company give to charity?

Does the company work towards a triple bottom line?

Green DNA

Can you tell me about the company’s commitment to the planet?

What eco-conscious options are given to employees?

What are the company’s recycling habits?

What water and energy conserving tactics does your company utilize?

Are there any carpooling incentives for employees to reduce the amount of cars on the road?

Is there a designated bike parking area for those who bike to work?


Does the company have a commitment to diversity?

How is it implemented to employees?

How well does every employee work together as a team?

What is the company’s hiring policy on diversity?

How do you describe the team of employees you work with directly?

Are there any minorities in the C-level sector of this company?

Is there parity between every employee?

Career Development

Does the company offer continued education and professional training?

What is the typical career-growth path for someone in this position?

Is there a list of employee opportunities available for review?

How does an employee continue to expand his or her knowledge within the company?

How would my performance be measured?

What are some of the company’s initiatives involving learning and development?

Are there any internal job shadowing opportunities?

How are job openings posted internally?

What is the company’s policy for hiring internally?

How often does an employee receive training or further education for their position?


What questions do you ask in an interview?

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