How Innovative ARE You?

Dr. John Sullivan – 

“The lesson for all to learn from the Silicon Valley is that if the speed of change outside your organization exceeds the speed of change inside your organization, your end is in sight, and unfortunately insiders will probably be the last to actually see the end coming.”

Don’t wait for the end to come to you. It’s scary but true. Companies – especially those who are new to the game – need to stay ahead of the curve to stay alive. And that means being as innovative as possible.

The world is moving fast. New technologies and ways of communicating are popping up every day. What a company did two months ago might be old news by now. So why is it that some companies – like Apple – are staying ahead of the pack? They are the innovators, the creators, the ones before the early adopters.


Innovation is the secret sauce to success. It keeps companies moving forward. If a company cannot innovate, then it is on a long road to nowhere. So how does a company stay innovative? It has to start with its employees.

Companies need to be innovative within in order to be innovative in their space. That means creating an environment for employees to thrive. Innovative company cultures keep their employees. Why? The employees enjoy their job; they come to work because they like coming to their work. This is huge. Employees who are happy and engaged create a productive environment. Productivity means getting sh*t done.

And getting…..well, you get the point. Companies need to find innovative ways to keep their employees happy and engaged. After all, top talent is a hot commodity. Talent  looks for innovative companies that fit well. And those companies are the ones that stay ahead.

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