Attract Top Talent. Do Work That Matters.

Work that matterToday’s post is brought to you by our guest blogger, Steve Anderson, Cofounder of Snapifeye.

Millennials care about their ability to make an impact. Beyond the basic need to maintain their family and financial security, they want work that matters. In a recent survey by the non-profit, Net Impact, Millennials expressed more interest in making an impact than accumulating wealth. In fact, many people are willing to take a pay cut in order to do work that matters. How does your business position itself to win the hearts and minds of the best talent?

To catch the attention of Millennials, advertise the community outreach your business does with visual images and simple headlines. Social media is a great place to start. Not only will you highlight your employees and their impact, you will advertise your employment brand to their social networks. Talent attracts talent, so use the impact your team makes to promote your corporate social responsibility. This will position your employment brand as a place where people want to work.

Graph1Snapifeye, a new Milwaukee business, makes it easy for you to highlight the work your company already does. Snapifeye attends the events and outreach programs your company hosts and sponsors. They then instantly create and publish professional branded content with easy to understand headlines.

In addition, Snapifeye connects their content to your employees and their networks to showcase how each member of your team makes an impact. So you want to attract top talent? Show them your company does work that matters.

Steve Anderson is a Cofounder of Snapifeye.  He holds a Masters degree from the Wisconsin School of Business and was previously a Financial Analyst. He lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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