Why Employment Branding Matters

by Maura Presley

brand-01Employment branding is the business practice where a company’s image, vision, and culture are strategically aligned to reflect the mission and core values that govern the organization.

How does employment branding relate to Marketers? Recruiters?

A company’s employment brand is best utilized when recruiters and marketers are working together to create a unified branding strategy. Marketing professionals are responsible for positioning the employment brand with a competitive advantage. They must be able to deliver, convey, and communicate a distinctive brand message to current employees, clients, customers, and other key stakeholders.

Recruiters focus on employment branding from the inside out, while also infusing corporate culture, company policies, employee experiences, and work environment into their company’s brand. Together, marketers and recruiters carry out integral roles that are essential in the development of an effective employment brand. With so many moving parts, consistent messaging is key throughout the entire company.

Why is employment branding important?

Reputation and Recognition

Employment branding builds the framework that organizations use to foster strong, distinctive, and authentic reputations within their business community.  Effective employment branding greatly increases a company’s visibility, generating recognition and establishing a reputation within the market.  Companies are also influenced internally (within the workplace) and externally (amongst the competition).

According to SHRM, 74% of HR professionals cite company reputation as critical for successful recruiting. A company must establish a reputation amongst their employees that promotes a positive working environment. Without the culture that ties the organization together, recruiters will be at a loss for what kind of talent they should be looking for. The two go hand in hand – successful recruiting leads to a positive internal reputation, and a sterling reputation leads to more effective recruiting. 

Attracting and Retaining Talent

Through the use of employment branding, Human Resource departments are able to create a more targeted recruitment strategy. Updating the company website, highlighting key initiatives, and revising corporate core values, are all specific actions many firms are taking to effectively communicate their brand to prospective job candidates. As a result of employment branding, HR professionals are hiring more of the right people, receiving a greater number of qualified candidates, and experiencing a significantly lower turnover rate.

From an HR prospective, company branding serves a dual purpose for employee retention. The company brand is used to educate employees about the organization’s mission as well as help retain valuable talent. Many firms are creating reward and recognition programs, linking company values with performance, and offering paid sabbaticals to employees. These are just a few ways companies are communicating the employment brand to their own workforce in order to improve retention and lower turnover rates.

Want to learn more about how your employment brand can set your company over the top? Check out our archived webinar: The Tangibles and Intangibles of Your Employment Brand.

Graphic by Clinton Dybul

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