eHarmony as a Job Board: DOA

eHarmony as a Job Board

by George Blomgren

There’s some buzz about “Elevated Careers by eHarmony,” set to launch in December. As this article explains, they apply the same model that has worked for their dating site, to a new job board.

Here’s why it’s not likely to work. (It’s been tried before, and failed for the following reasons.)

The idea of job seekers creating profiles, and employers creating profiles, and predictive algorithms matching them to ensure alignment … sounds great. Very scientific and all.

But it creates “adverse selection.” Requiring candidates to fill out profiles (especially if they are lengthy and/or ask personal questions) tends to scare off candidates who have lots of options and they know it — often true of the best candidates.

This is especially true of so-called passive candidates, who don’t frequent job boards and certainly won’t take the time to fill out profiles. Since that includes a significant portion of the talent market, alienating them isn’t a smart move.

These issues are especially true as we head into a Way For Talent job market. Creating any sort of hurdle for job seekers will backfire. Anything that isn’t candidate-centric will backfire.

Creating transparency that shows job seekers why they might want to work for you (how you invest in employees and the things that matter to them) is a far better approach. Attracting the right talent and empowering candidates to self-select (in or out) is a far better approach.

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