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If you work in HR, love new ideas and technology, then you already know that HR Tech is this week. The SuperBowl of HR events.  I’ve heard the stories. I’ve seen the Instragrams. And this year, I’m joining the biggest HR Party of the Year. I’m psyched to meet the best and the brightest. What kind of crazy Vegas shenanigans will I get myself in to? Maybe I’ll find a tiger in my hotel bathroom? Or win a baby at the roulette table? Whatever happens, I’m excited to meet people that previously, I’ve only “LinkedIn” to or Tweeted at. Real people. Real life. I want to hear what people are talking about from the movers and shakers.

Thanks to my friend, Jessica Miller-Merrell’s recent post on Blogging4Jobs – I already RSVPed for a few parties. If you missed post – here it is:

So, HR Techies… What do I need to know for my first trip to HR Tech? Who are you excited to see? What’s your best advice with an HR Tech Virgin? Who should I see? Which parties are not-too-be-missed?

If you’re going to be there and want to talk shop, let’s meet up. Shoot me a message!

What happens at HR Tech… well, you know.

– Betsy Rowbottom, Chief Culture Officer, The Good Jobs

You can reach Betsy at… or poolside at The Excalibur

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