Bersin’s New Report — Almost Perfect

by George Blomgren

Bersin by Deloitte recently released their newest report, HR Technology for 2015: Ten Big Disruptions Ahead. As always, this report showcases the cutting-edge, strategic perspective Bersin is known for, and the report is almost as comprehensive as it is insightful. Gamification and big data, mobile and the shift in HRMS to usability and user engagement, the Internet Of Things — it’s all here. Almost.

The report recognizes the growing value of social recruiting (which they call network recruiting). It recognizes the increasing complexity and sophistication of the systems recruiters will use, and the evolving nature of the relationships they must cultivate, to reach discerning and passive talent.

Where we at The Good Jobs think Bersin is somewhat off the mark is that their report discusses this “disruptor” largely as if it is a big exercise in outbound marketing. We believe that savvy employers will approach the Talent War with at least as much of an inbound marketing perspective.

Recruiting visionary Jim Stroud nailed this idea in his 2014 book Content Is The New Sourcing. Today’s top candidates are in the drivers seat, and they know it. Tools to help us better find, recognize, communicate with and influence great talent provide critical functionality, but alone, they don’t ensure the candidate-centric approach that will prevail as it gets harder to attract top performers. It’s all about Talent Magnetism.

The Good Jobs is far from alone in recognizing this shift. Concerns about candidate experience and culture (not mentioned in the Bersin report) are on the rise. And a recent Forbes study found that 38% of employers plan to increase their spend on employer branding next year. We believe that 2015 is The Year Of Employer Branding, and we’re excited to offer the most innovative solution in that space. (Zappos obviously thinks so!)

Beyond that, we highly recommend the Bersin report, which you can download here. Point #10 is especially worth noting. “Technology savvy vendors will outpace their peers.” We think that applies even more to the employers who embrace new technologies, and the Bersin report provides an almost perfect overview of what those look like!

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