Attract Top Talent: Look Beyond Benefits

By Natalie Pike, Inbound Marketing Coordinator at Hireology

Paid vacation, sick time off, and health insurance are pretty much a given when it comes to benefit packages these days. It’s time to think outside the box. Say you give your top prospects a flexible schedule on Thursday afternoons to make a yoga class they signed up for. This will grab their attention. To retain exceptional employees, companies are now looking beyond basic benefits and offering unique and creative perks.

Here are a few examples:

Help Pay for Some Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Whether your employees are racking up a 6-digit salary or pinching pennies to make rent each month, they are both always looking to save money. Help them out and consider a shopping or movie theater discount. These are possibilities that employees wouldn’t expect, but would highly appreciate.

Another perk that seems to be spreading like wild fire is offering employees free access to the services your company already provides. Say you manage a spa that provides massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Think about offering these services to your staff—free of charge. Employees with access to your offerings will provide better sales to customers.

Implement Employee Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness programs help boost team morale, improve heath and fitness, and increase productivity in the workplace. It’s hard to find a negative quality about adding this to your company’s benefit package. By starting exercise and nutrition incentives, your employees will not only sign up for the Wellness program, but they’ll stick with it.

This has nothing to do with weight, but everything to do with health. You want your employees energized and focused. Offering a free or discounted gym membership is an effective way for getting your employees to exercise. Providing a nutritional lunch once a week is a great way to promote healthy eating. Having an Employee Wellness program will provide long-term benefits to both your employees and your company.

Be Understanding of the Work-Life Balance

According to a recent MetLife study, professionals whose employer makes work-life balance easier are 79 percent more satisfied with their jobs, 73 percent more loyal to their company and 72 percent less likely to be distracted at work by stress and personal issues.

Companies are giving this a shot by offering “summer hours”—where employees can take off early on Fridays to spend more time with family and friends or to take a weekend trip somewhere. This is a simple and highly appreciated perk, especially for professionals with kids.

Do you want your employees to stay engaged and stick with your company for the long haul? Think outside the benefits box. Unique incentives stand out to top recruits and show them your company is the best place to work.

Natalie Pike

Inbound Marketing Coordinator, Hireology

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  1. These are good tips. So much of the time, potential employees look at more than salary. Offering decent perks on top of this can be a comparatively cheap way to show that they have value.

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