How Social Are You?

by Lizz Pellet (@Lizzpellet)

Jobvite polled more than 1,000 human resources and recruiting professionals in a recent social recruitment survey on their social recruiting activities and intentions. Nearly three-quarters of respondents (73%) said that they had successfully hired through social media – up from 58% in 2010.

Other interesting findings from the 2012 Social Recruiting Survey from Jobvite include:

  • 71% of human resources and recruiting professionals classify themselves as moderate to exceptional social recruiters
  • Nearly three out of four hiring managers and recruiters check candidates’ social profiles, and half say they always do
  • 43% of respondents felt that the quality of applicants has improved thanks to social media
  • One-third saw more employee referrals
  • 20% said it takes less time to hire when using social recruiting

So yes, it’s official…recruiting has gone social. The trend toward using social isn’t new. Some organizations have been using this media for years.

I reached out to De Anne Russell, Arizona Region Manager of Talent Acquisition & Branding for Dignity Health, to learn more about how they are using Twitter to recruit. I follow De Anne on Twitter and she has been leveraging this solution for the past three years. I asked her to fill me in on the how, when and why the decision was made to adopt Twitter. The Arizona region started planning their Twitter strategy on Memorial Day in 2009 when the country was deep into the recession and there were zero job openings. De Anne and her team wanted to ensure that passive candidates and active job seekers were aware of Dignity Health so they would be well acquainted with them when the market turned around. They read Twitter Power by Joel Comm which provided some simple strategies and tips for getting started. “We wanted to take a strategic approach to using Twitter and understand who we should follow and how we can get followers. We wanted to provide content and information that would allow people to get to know us and to follow us. We didn’t want to just post jobs. We partnered with a vendor, Tweet My Job, who scrapes our job board and tweets out our postings for that. We wanted to provide a more intimate look at our organization, talk about our culture, get people familiar with who we are far beyond being just an employer. Dignity is a dynamic organization with outstanding professionals and leadership and that is the face we wanted to expose”, De Anne explained.

De Anne spends 30 minutes a day pushing content out on Twitter or roughly 8 – 10 hours a month. It’s clearly working. Their main Twitter account @deannerussell has over 800 followers and has pushed out over 6,000 tweets. I asked about the ROI of this activity and while she did not have a number to quote she did provide a cost saving tip. “I was working on a very specialized and difficult to fill position and explored a media buy. The company told me they could tweet the job for $50 a tweet. I felt that was outrageous and went to their Twitter account and started following their followers and tweeted it out myself, for free. I am not sure if this was the key to filling the position, but it sure saved us some money!” Another great example she gave me is how the community can get involved if you are providing interesting and meaningful information. “In the beginning of last school year we retweeted a post from the Phoenix Fire Department reminding everyone to drive slowly and cautiously. Five people retweeted our post which was potentially seen by over 15,000 people within minutes!” It is evident that Dignity is providing relevant, timely and interesting content that keeps the followers following.

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