The Ball’s In Your Court: Choosing the Right Employer

If you haven’t experienced the phenomenon of waking up and actually looking forward to your job, perhaps you need to take a closer look at how you value company culture. As a Millennial, I understand the shift in mindset – gone are the days where a simple “Now Hiring” sign could attract the best talent. Job seekers today, especially Millennials, are more discerning. Sure, your company offers a competitive salary, but why should I want to work there? Is it fun? Can I wear tennis shoes? What about listening to music? Can I bring my dog to the office? Work from home on occasion? These things matter. The right culture fit is absolutely vital to a happy, successful, and productive working environment.

There are many different ways to decide if an employer is a good fit. Here are just a few to keep in mind:

The Commute

Long commutes get old fast, especially if construction is involved or gas prices are high. Many Millennials prefer telecommuting. If this interests you, be sure to ask if it’s a possibility during the interview process. Believe me, it makes a difference. I now work a mere mile from my apartment, which is A LOT nicer and more convenient than the 40-minute drive I had previous.

The Boss

You’ve probably heard the saying, “People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.” Many times that rings true. Different people work best under different types of management styles. Some prefer close supervision; others can’t stand being micromanaged. Ask to meet the boss you’ll be reporting to, and ask about their style. Make sure you’re confident that you’ll be able to thrive under their guidance.

The Work Environment

Noisy or quiet? Jeans or slacks? Nerf guns or mid-morning tea breaks? Again, everyone has his or her preferences, and every working atmosphere is unique. Be cognizant of  how others are working when you get the tour. You spend way too much time at work to not be comfortable.

The Perks

Does a quick game of ping pong before lunch sound cool? Does diversity matter? What about career development opportunities? Learning about a company’s history and performance is important, but don’t overlook the “what’s in it for me?”

The Leadership

This goes well beyond your immediate supervisor. What about other key execs? What is their leadership style like? Remember, it’s not just your job to make a good impression; it’s the employer’s job to ‘wow’ you as well.

by Clinton Dybul

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