Open Enrollment and Company Culture

We don’t need to remind you … I’m sure you organization is neck deep in benefits plans and open enrollment. As we head into open enrollment season, and you are talking about traditional health and welfare insurance benefits, it’s a perfect opportunity to paint the bigger picture and share all the ways you invest in your employees. It’s so easy for employees to overlook the breadth and depth of all of the perks, amenities and programs you provide! You invest in being a good employer. This is a great time for a reminder.

If you’re a customer of The Good Jobs, you’ve earned your Culture Badges, deployed them on your website and perhaps created links in your email sig lines or added them to your social media pages. In addition to helping you attract talent, your Culture Badges and Company Culture Profile can be powerful retention tools. Using your Culture Badges in your employee benefits communication helps remind them of the WIIFM questions (What’s in it for me?). In other words, share the many ways, big and small, that you invest in your employees and the things that matter to them. How? Easy!

However you are distributing enrollment and benefit information, why not include information about your company culture (and your TGJ Culture Badges)?

  • Personalized Benefits Statements
  • Your Benefits or Payroll Portal
  • Open Enrollment Communication and
  • Your Intranet

Need help?

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