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The Culture Interview – What are Candidates REALLY Asking?

If your candidate makes the most of the interview process, expect them to ask you a handful of questions when you give them the opportunity to. And if your company culture isn’t visible to the public eye, your candidate is going to use the Q&A portion of their interview to find out what it’s like. Are […]

5 Company Culture Ideas for a Happier Workplace

What makes you happy? Is it your best friend? A long walk? Tacos? All of these things can make us happier throughout the day and can be incorporated into your company culture to create a happier work environment. Employee disengagement is costing the economy an estimated $550 billion in lost productivity, according to Gallup. They […]

Email Marketing Tips For Recruiters

HR managers are becoming increasingly aware of a growing body of potential employees known as passive job seekers. One recent study found that 74% of working Americans would leave their current job if a better opportunity arose. What constitutes a “better opportunity” varies from person to person, of course, but the three most commonly cited […]