Email Marketing Tips For Recruiters


HR managers are becoming increasingly aware of a growing body of potential employees known as passive job seekers. One recent study found that 74% of working Americans would leave their current job if a better opportunity arose. What constitutes a “better opportunity” varies from person to person, of course, but the three most commonly cited reasons were increased salary, a desire for change, and opportunities for career advancement.

For employers, this high number of passive job seekers is important – passive candidates can be a great resource to help fill open positions. A perfect way to reach out to them? The same way many corporations reach out to potential customers: email marketing.

By using targeted email marketing, recruiters can reach out to these passive workers and entice them to join their organizations. Here are 5 tips recruiters should follow when initiating an email marketing campaign:

1. Avoid mass emails
This may sound counterproductive, but most people want to feel singled out and important. An email that lists 200 other recipients is more likely to get ignored (or immediately deleted) than one that is personal and uses the intended recipient’s individual name. This is not as time consuming a task as you may think – there are several online services and software programs that can help auto-populate emails with individualized content.

2. Keep mobile in mind
Many job seekers are often on the go and rely on mobile devices to stay on top of emails and other communications. If your emails are not formatted correctly to show up on a mobile device, you need to make immediate changes. Messages that are easily read and responded to on a mobile device are already a step ahead of the competition. Try keeping your email light on text, and break it up with bulleted lists, bolded subheadings and images when possible.

3. Include a call to action
Not everyone is a great writer. If written communication isn’t your strength (and it’s okay if it isn’t), you need to find someone for whom it is. The email messages you send should be grammatically sound, free of spelling errors, and include a compelling call to action. A message without a strong call to action will leave the reader confused and unprepared to follow-up.

4. Learn about spam filters
You don’t want your important message or job announcement to end up in the spam folder. Research the keywords and elements that spam filters automatically flag (that includes large images, illegitimate-looking links, spammy email addresses and more) and avoid using them in your emails.

5. Have an unsubscribe option
Everyone likes to know they have choices. Always include an easy-to-find option that allows the reader to unsubscribe to your mailing list. Be wary, however, that the word “unsubscribe” is seen as spam by some email programs. Be creative in how you word your message – consider using a phrase like “Want to be taken off our mailing list? Click here.”

Email is a great marketing tool – not only because it’s free and easy to use. Most people, especially job seekers, check their email multiple times a day, making the chances of a productive connection much higher. Use these tips for your next email marketing campaign to target passive job seekers – you might just find the next perfect fit for your company.

Do you use email marketing to recruit job seekers? What are your favorite tips?


Abby Perkins is Editor in Chief at Talent Tribune, where she writes about jobs, workplace culture and HR solutions.

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