The Culture Interview – What are Candidates REALLY Asking?

Business people waiting for job interviewIf your candidate makes the most of the interview process, expect them to ask you a handful of questions when you give them the opportunity to. And if your company culture isn’t visible to the public eye, your candidate is going to use the Q&A portion of their interview to find out what it’s like. Are you ready to talk about your company culture with your candidates?

Here are a few questions that candidates might ask when they’re trying to discover your company culture:

What’s a typical day at the office like?

What it means: Your candidate isn’t asking about your average to-do list during the workweek, but rather about the environment that they might potentially work in if they accept a job offer. Do you have a dress code? Is there beer in the fridge? Is music acceptable at my desk?

How does your company recognize employee accomplishments?

What it means: First of all, do employees get recognized at all? If so, is it only related to large-scale things like sales and promotions? Or do new hires get a warm welcome on to the team on day one? What do you guys do for employee birthdays?

Do you do any teambuilding activities here?

What it means: This question is asking what your company values when it comes to working as a team. Are you and your employees close-knit with one another? Do you hold any group activities either on or off the clock? Are your team meetings in person over coffee or through a conference call?

Could you tell me about your company’s leadership style?

What it means: What attitude does the head of your company bring into work, and how do they deal with conflicts? Do they ask for employee feedback? Do they have lunch with everyone else on a regular basis? Are they uptight and closed-off, or do they bring positive energy into the everyday life at the office?

Why do you love working here?

What it means: This one is straightforward. What is it that makes you wake up and come to work here every day?

Job interviews are the perfect opportunity to determine the “culture fit” between your company and a candidate. Remember that candidates aren’t only doing their best to impress you, but they’re also observing whether or not your company is the right place for them.

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