Monthly Archives: January 2015

Life is Flexible, is Your Job?

We traditionally think of professional work-from-home jobs are limited to positions such as freelance writers, call center reps, and the self-employed of course, but USA Today recently wrote an article that included 20 surprising professional level positions that made telecommuting an option, ranging from titles like “Senior Branding Expert” to “Sports Analyst”. Crazy right? Actually, […]

Startups: Creating a Partnership That Works (the way we do)

Startups have lots of challenges. Having a partner who believes in you, trusts you (and who you trust) gives you a great competitive advantage.

LinkedIn Making an About Face on InMail Policy

If you use LinkedIn’s inmail feature for recruiting, you are probably aware that they are changing their policy about unanswered messages. (The new policy was originally scheduled to take effect on January 1, but LinkedIn announced a delay — now end of January) In fact, the policy is not just changing … it’s doing an […]

Recruiting: If You Keep On Doing What You’ve Always Done…

The recruiting tactics that worked when employers held all the cards are losing their effectiveness as the Talent War intensifies. Unfortunately, as recruiting gets harder, most employers are operating under the misconception that they simply need to invest more time and energy and finesse in yesterday’s tactics. There are at least three reasons that turning […]