Life is Flexible, is Your Job?

worklifeWe traditionally think of professional work-from-home jobs are limited to positions such as freelance writers, call center reps, and the self-employed of course, but USA Today recently wrote an article that included 20 surprising professional level positions that made telecommuting an option, ranging from titles like “Senior Branding Expert” to “Sports Analyst”. Crazy right?

Actually, there’s a “Flex-Time” revolution happening in business. According to a recent publication from Inc., about 79% of workers want to work from home, on occasion at least. There are so many reasons why people might prefer to work at home instead of an office, but one thing for sure is that a flexible work schedule is definitely appealing, and employers are picking up on it.

The 20 positions that USA Today recognized were actually pulled from the job database, Flexjobs, which has become the leading online service for flexible, part-time, telecommuting, and freelance job listings. We’re proud to say that the company shares our love for culture and that Flexjobs is actually part of The Good Jobs movement. Here’s the scoop:

Flexjobs has a modern business philosophy

We believe that, for all sorts of reasons, workplace flexibility is not only a perk, but a necessity for today’s workforce. And we think that finding professional-level jobs offering work-life balance with telecommuting and flexible job options should be easier, faster, and safer. And that’s what we do at FlexJobs.”

Not to mention, every one of their job postings are detailed and valid. (No scams. No advertisements. Only Good Jobs.)


Flexjobs understands the business case for how flexibility positively impacts employment engagement

But it’s more like they see who benefits from telecommuting, part-time, or flextime job positions. Kids get to be at home with mom or dad, the dog doesn’t have to sit in a kennel all day, you get to skip the bus ride or hour-long drive, and even work in your pajamas if you feel like it. From lifestyle, economic, to environmental viewpoints, Flexjobs recognizes all of the positive aspects that flexible work offers to both job seekers and employers.

Flexjobs places equal importance on employees and customers

Flextime offers employees flexible schedules to keep them engaged (and happy) which keeps their customers engaged (and happy!). With perks like company provided laptops, unlimited vacation time and project-based work, it’s obvious that their very own telecommuting team is in the hands of a company that walks the talk.

Do you want to work for Flexjobs? Check out their employment opportunities right now.

Want to learn about more companies that offer “Flextime”? Check out The Good Jobs Culture Directory. The Good Jobs helps companies with awesome cultures to attract job seekers. We work with great companies like Zappos to share relevant content about their unique culture and values.

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