Monthly Archives: August 2015

Millennials are the Worst! Hiring my generation

by Hannah Leigh Thompson, The Good Jobs intern Type “millennials are” into Google, and what does the great search engine supply? “Millennials are lazy entitled narcissists” – thanks, Time. Millennials are “idiots”, “stupid” and “screwed”, and “what age”. “Millennials are what age”? This one I can answer fairly conclusively. According to the almighty oracle Wikipedia […]

Let Job Seekers Customize Their Own Jobs

One great way the web revolutionized shopping — configurators. People love to build their own Ford or Nikes or Dells, or design their own M&Ms. We crave customization. Burger King may no longer let us have it our way, but more than ever, that’s what we want. Yet as Marcus Buckingham pointed out in a […]

Winning the War For Talent!

The current job market is a war zone… and culture is your best weapon! Many thanks to our friends at Wevue and their excellent post for this infographic. For more about the architecture of the current job market, visit their site!

How To Lower Costs & Enhance Culture with Direct Recruiting

Having trouble attracting the right kind of applicants at a reasonable cost? Recruiters are convenient but expensive, and sometimes push applicants that don’t quite fit the culture or needs of your organization. On the other hand, the direct recruitment model can be tricky – but it’s a great way to communicate your needs to the […]

Why a Millennial Chooses Milwaukee: Communication and Culture

by Hannah Leigh Thompson, The Good Jobs intern I have lived in Milwaukee most of my life, and I consider this city my home. Milwaukee is a beautiful city, an entrepreneurial city, with a fantastic food and music culture – uniquely suited for my millennial demographic. But I’m fairly sure that my demographic doesn’t know […]