How To Lower Costs & Enhance Culture with Direct Recruiting

Having trouble attracting the right kind of applicants at a reasonable cost?

Recruiters are convenient but expensive, and sometimes push applicants that don’t quite fit the culture or needs of your organization. On the other hand, the direct recruitment model can be tricky – but it’s a great way to communicate your needs to the jobseekers you want at a price you can afford. And a more personalized approach ensures that your new hires strengthen the culture of your workplace.

Building a recruitment model can seem daunting, but with a little employer branding, it couldn’t be simpler. Take a look!

Many thanks to our friends in the UK, hiringpeople and Reflectdigital, for this infographic.

Direct Recruitment Model Infographic This infographic was made by Hiring People specialists in job board advertising, low cost recruitment & free job board advertising.

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