Let Job Seekers Customize Their Own Jobs

One great way the web revolutionized shopping — configurators. People love to build their own Ford or Nikes or Dells, or design their own M&Ms. We crave customization. Burger King may no longer let us have it our way, but more than ever, that’s what we want.

Yet as Marcus Buckingham pointed out in a recent keynote, HR technologies tend to be pretty lame. They rarely offer any sort of customization. That includes most applicant tracking systems and other recruiting-related tools. In other words, the very interfaces that stand between you and the talent you want to hire generally suck.

That’s not good. Let’s face it, job seekers are shoppers. And it’s become a buyers market.

If you visit the Ford website, it doesn’t tell you that Ford is always looking for customers with integrity, a strong work ethic and 10+ years of driving experience. It doesn’t make you fill out a long, complicated form before you start personalizing your new ride.

Moreover, if you’ve ever built your own car, think about the options you selected. You didn’t specify that you wanted a windshield, tires and a rear view mirror. (And, by the way, in this metaphor, the windshield is the fact that you offer a 401(k), the tires are your dental benefits, and the rear view mirror is PTO.) Face it, you were more concerned with a moonroof, the upgraded audio package or heated side view mirrors (a very nice feature if you live in Wisconsin). And think about the level of detail that was provided — when a consumer is in research/customization mode, that’s the level of detail they want. (Not “we work hard and play hard,” or “we’re family friendly!”)

It’s very much in your best interests to cater to this new reality. Good job seekers want to know how you invest in your employees and the things that matter to them so they can select the job that they will happy with for years to come. Why wouldn’t you make every effort to accommodate that process?

by George Blomgren, Culture Strategy Director at The Good Jobs

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