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Who are The Good Jobs?

People talk a lot about “culture-match” being directly linked to job satisfaction, increased productivity and successful hires… but what do individuals really know when they apply for a job? The Good Jobs understands that culture is a major differentiator and provides you with the tools to communicate it. Individuals who want “a job / any job” compete for the highest salary. Individuals with highly-desirable skills will compete for the highest salary and opportunities to advance their career. Culture is the missing link. Culture creates lasting value for individuals. Culture creates greater alignment between individuals and companies. Culture is the key to engagement. The Good Jobs levels the playing field by highlighting how a company’s culture sets it apart from the competition.

How does it work?

It highlights companies that offer a fun, diverse working environment, strong career development within, and/or philanthropy in the community. The Good Jobs knows what it takes to maintain a successful company – its employees.

The Good Jobs is the first ‘culture directory’ of companies, which sets it apart from other marketing platforms. It works by giving companies that sign up a small questionnaire of fourteen statements that revolve around different core values and work ethics a company might have. A company can select up to seven statements that they feel is a best match. The results are given immediately, and up to three badges are recommended based on the statements each company checks off. There are seven badges that a company can apply for, and each one has specific requirements and responsibilities. The seven are: Fun, Extreme Perks, Corporate Responsibility, Flextime, Green DNA, Inclusion, and Career Development. Each application contains specific questions, as well as space for the company to expand on what makes them a great place to work. The badges can be used as a marketing tool to give companies the chance to leverage their culture as a competitive advantage.

Companies will be recognized – through the badges they earn – for their commitment to their employees. This gives job-seekers the chance to find companies that share the same set of ethics, integrity, and values as themselves. Potential employees have the opportunity to find the company that shares their priorities in employment. Is it a fun work day? Amazing health and vacation benefits? A commitment to the environment? The Good Jobs recognizes companies that earned at least one badge on its website, where potential job-seekers can see where companies excel in each category.

We believe that “the good life” and good work can intersect to create both organizational and personal success.


Co-founders & friends,

Betsy & Anne

Our Badges

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