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Should I Stay or Should I Go? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why do employees choose to stay or leave their current job? Read our infographic for the reasons! Click on image to enlarge.

What Defines a Good Job?

What is the most important factor in job satisfaction? Jeanette Bicknell at Mediate.com wrote a blog post asking the question – what really makes for a good job? Bicknell refers to DIW Berlin’s Socio-Economic Panel, which has collected data surveyed starting in 1984 from German households and found the number one reason for happiness in […]

A Candidate’s Fit is Crucial

Companies are finding top talent through building a competitive edge. This happens through promoting their employment brand while using their engagement programs and retention strategies as recruiting tools. Without question — recruiters and HR leaders know that a candidate’s fit is a critical factor to individual and company success. Chris Forman founder of  StartWire and former […]

Forgotten Considerations for Seeking the Best Job

The coveted location, the job title you’ve always wanted, the paycheck you pined for in college. These factors are common considerations in defining career happiness, satisfaction, and contentment. Chances to interact with colleagues in a social setting, unlimited amount of breaks to rest and revive your mind, and healthy cafeteria food to promote health and […]

What is Cultural Fit?

Cultural fit. These words have evolved into a concept that has proven difficult to articulate within the business world. Often, the buzzwords proliferate into a negative connotation. Bloomberg Businessweek released an article titled “Job Applicant’s Cultural Fit Can Trump Qualifications” with the negative undertones. The author, Logan Hill, claimed that interviews are becoming less likely […]