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Job Postings Need Spring Cleaning, Too!

How many blog posts have you recently come across that argues the need to spring clean your resume? There seems to be a lot circulating the professional blogosphere about what to say on your resume, what to remove, and how to format it. Discerning job seekers that spend the time to create a resume and […]

Job Application Abyss [INFOGRAPHIC]

Applying for jobs is a difficult process and requires many steps: creating and building a resume, rounding up sources, and writing an enticing and inviting cover letter. Those should be the difficult steps, right? Unfortunately, those are only the first obstacles when deciding to look for another job. We found this article from our blogging […]

Hiring and the Rules of the Game

Our friends at Montage Talent recently posted on their blog about the frustrations of the hiring process with its endless loopholes, dead-ends, and lack of communication a company. Montage asks the question: why can’t it be easier? The blog post relates the complicated hiring process similar to the plot of a game show. Pit two […]