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Potential For Good

We all want to live a happy life and have a right to do so, whether through work or spiritual practice. I’m subject to destructive emotions like anger and jealousy the same as you, but we all have potential for good too. However, our existing education system is oriented towards material development; neglecting inner values. […]

Right Now

What are you doing right now? Are you just reading this blog post? If you’re letting yourself get distracted by anything else, like drinking coffee, tweeting an article, or emailing a coworker, you’re not using the ‘power of now’ to its fullest potential. Deemed as the secret to happiness, allowing yourself to only focus on […]

The Facts on Flexible Work Arrangements [Infographic]

This infographic has the ins and outs of what employees want (and get) in a flexible work schedule. Where do you fall in the numbers? If you could choose between a flexible schedule or a work-from-home schedule, what would you choose? Tell us in the comments below!