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We Heart Radio

Our local radio station was hosting a fundraising drive the other week. Milwaukee’s very own 88.9, Radio Milwaukee, is a public station that always has the listeners in mind. So when they asked their listeners to step up and donate, we couldn’t resist! We love the station – so we hopped on board the volunteer […]

Volunteering During the Workday – This Company Believes In It

A true example of a company that gives back to their community. A Wisconsin company has stepped in to volunteer at a food pantry, where many day-time shift volunteers are hard to find. Standard Imaging, a technology company based in Middleton, has partnered with Middleton Outreach Ministry to make sure these volunteer shifts are covered. […]

The Good Jobs Field Trip to SXSW!

Austin is better explained in pictures…  and from our photos, it’s obvious that we had an amazing time!  Beautiful city.  Weird people everywhere (so we fit right in)! SXSW was an experience.  And I’m glad we boot-strapped our trip this year.  We slept on couches, paid only for airfare and rental car (necessary because we […]

Philanthropy in the Office

The cloud software company, Salesforce, began 14 years ago with an ambitious idea. One percent of its profit, one percent of its equity, and one percent of its employees’ time would be donated to the Salesforce Foundation — a nonprofit that supports a variety of causes. Since then, CEO and founder Marc Benioff has remained […]

The 1% Pledge

Serve. Volunteer. Make a difference. The online community Good.is is asking you to pledge 20 hours of your year to volunteering. The Good Jobs employees have made the pledge! Will your company ask you to do the same?